Smashing Food Flavors of Zimbabwe
Landlocked Zimbabwe, (“House of Stone”) in the southern central part of Africa, the name from 800-year-old remains of stone left by Shona people. 
Shona people make up 77 percent of the population of Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) and the remaining 18 percent are Ndebele is between the Zambezi and Limpopo. Located between the Zambezi and Limpopo River, Zimbabwe is mainly rolling plateau. The high plateau ends in the Inyanga mountains and the low plateau is grassy plains. [amazon_link asins='024127401X,B011MMGVPW' template='ProductCarousel' store='exploremoth07-20' marketplace='US' link_id='08843a8d-4245-11e8-aca6-b1db328c5c1a'] Gold was discovered in1300  with shared powers by the Shona and Ndebele until European invasion and British spices and food infiltrated Zimbabwe cuisine with tea, bread and sugar. The Limpopo and Zambezi river borders of Zimbabwe provide nutrients and moisture for crops like pumpkins, yams, corn, squash and peanuts and papaya in the Summer and Autumn seasons. Preserving food for winter months various produce and meats are dried. ‘Kapenta’is a common dried fish snack, as well as sun, dried flavoured meat. %CODE1%

Zimbabwe cuisine

Cornmeal is the main staple. Common Zimbabwean dishes include Sadza, stiff maize meal  eaten  with various  dip or side options such as gravy, meat, sour milk or vegetable
Bota:  Peanut butter flavoured porridge . Other alternatives are butter or jam flavours. This is a usual breakfast menu. Dovi : The peanut crops brought in by Portuguese traders in the 16th century became a key ingredient in most dishes. Dovi is a peanut butter stew eaten with vegetables or meat. Mapopo candy: Papaya is cooked and sprinkled with sugar  and made into a sweet treat.

 Zimbabwe Recipes

Mapopo candy (Papaya)

1 Papaya 2 cups Sugar Grated Lemon Peel Fresh or dried mint Wash and papaya . Slice into little strips. Place over low heat with grated lemon and sugar over low heat until all the sugar dissolves. Reheat the mixture at medium heat until crystallization. Remove from heat and shape into stick or ball shapes

Butternut Squash Roasted

Roasted Butternut
1 Butternut Squash 3 Tablespoons of butter Cinnamon Preheat oven   425°F.Peel and cut the squash removing seeds. Place into foil and spread butter. Seal foil tightly around. Roast for about 25 minutes until the squash lightly browns. Sprinkle cinnamon


  4  cups of water Two and a half cups of cornmeal Method   Boil  3 cups of water.Mix one cup of water with 1 and a half cup of cornmeal. Reduce heat and add the cornmeal mixture, stirring continuously. Cook for five minutes Add the remaining cornmeal gradually. When the mixture has thickened place  in the serving dish

Dovi Stew

Dovi Stew
2 onions, chopped finely Two tablespoons of butter Two crushed garlic cloves 1 teaspoon salt Half teaspoon pepper Half teaspoon cayenne pepper 2  chopped green peppers Chicken pieces 4 tomatoes Fresh spinach Braise the onions in butter. Add salt garlic and seasoning. Stir and add chicken and green peppers. Add tomatoes once the chicken is cooked . Add water and simmer and add in  half of the peanut butter. In a separate pot cook spinach, Add peanut butter into the spinach and serve with the stew.   %CODE2%

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