Celebrating Africa Day – May 25
Africa needs to come together in celebration of all its triumphs in the midst of all the challenges it continues to be submerged into.
Today is May 25th. Diarise this day. It is a special day. It is 'Africa day'.  On this day the motherland Africa reclaims its dignity, peace, and justice on the continent.
This special day is celebrated all over the continent and acknowledges the progress that Africa has made while it reflects on the common challenges faced all over Africa in the global environment. Celebrations by Africans all over the world, it a calling that Africa will rise again! [amazon_link asins='1610390717,B017BWFXVA' template='ProductCarousel' store='exploremoth07-20' marketplace='US' link_id='4f21375e-c3a0-11e7-8bd3-d5edb0e17a97']

The Origins of Africa Day

The history of 'Africa day' can be traced back to the April 15th in 1958. The first Congress on African soil took place in  Accra, Ghana. Convened by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the prime minister of Ghana, it comprised of leaders from Egypt, EthiopiaLiberia, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia and the Cameroon.
There was an initiation to create 'Africa freedom day' or 'Africa liberation day' It finally became 'Africa Day'. Africans celebrate 'Africa Day' to commemorate African liberation and unity.
[amazon_link asins='0821412426,B0007DDXRC' template='ProductCarousel' store='exploremoth07-20' marketplace='US' link_id='945d1068-c3a0-11e7-9466-853b94607596'] The conference was aimed at showcasing Africa liberation movements and progress.  It was about symbolizing determination of Africa to break free from foreign exploitation and domination. It was a platform to reject colonialism. It sowed the seeds of what was to become the  Organization of African Unity. In 1961 on the 9th of December 1961, Tanganyika gained independence and became known as Tanzania. Julius Nyerere was an influential force behind the Organization of African Unity (OAU) currently branded as the African Union.

Between 1958 and 1963 seventeen African countries gained independence from colonizers. The time arrived, a calling to celebrate liberation.
On the 25th of May in 1963 by thirty-two free nations joined in unison and launched the OAU.This was led by  Julius Nyerere from Tanzania, Kwame Nkrumah from Ghana, Sékou Touré from Guinea and Kenneth Kaunda from Zambia. Since then 21 more countries joined in. South Africa the final, after the demise of the apartheid regime. [amazon_link asins='0852555016,B0765ZKZHW' template='ProductCarousel' store='exploremoth07-20' marketplace='US' link_id='bdf3940e-c3a0-11e7-b382-1f1eeaceeeac'] The original mission of the OAU was about freedom for Africa.  Most of Africa was still under colonial rule in the 1960's. The mission was to defend sovereignty, restore dignity and human rights of the people in Africa. Since then Africa Day is celebrated annually on May 25th. In our modern age, Africa day is a national holiday is some countries. Diaspora communities gather in ceremonies exchanging cultural attire and exchanging traditional recipes from their motherland Africa Over half a century has passed since then, themes  and colonialism that was the common enemy at that time had eventually withered away, In current times the community of Africa states commemorates Africa day highlight theme seems for nation building the nation.This year it is the all about the development of youth in Africa. We need to always reflect on the roots behind this special day. What does it mean to us in present times? Unity is one honorable goal. We need to remove barriers between the nations. Africa day is about harmony and peace. It is worth celebrating. It is an achievement that African the African Union was formed. It is an achievement that Africa countries can unite peacefully. In the beginning, Africa day was about finding for independence.  We are fighting for development in current days.
  • The  African Union is about the promotion of democracy in all countries on the continent of Africa.
  • It is about the promotion human rights.
  • It is about sustaining economies in Africa by preventing conflict and the promotion of common markets.
We need to celebrate our motherland, our Africa!